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This is an online or in-person service specialising in both nutrition and psychological support. Dual-qualification in both nutrition science, psychology and counselling results in a uniquely seamless, consistent approach for clients who are looking for insight and support to make lasting changes. This approach provides a depth of understanding about the interaction between nutrition and mental health that neither psychology, counselling or nutrition can offer independently.

This is life-changing work that aims to explore not just food and eating, but how you relate to yourself and others, and how this affects your health. With this work, you move towards a way of being able to really understand your mental and physical health: what you can control and what you let go of. This is next level self-care that teaches you how to really look after yourself. Really. Everything is connected, from the food we eat, to how we move, the language we use and how we talk to ourselves – if you’ve never explored health from this perspective, get ready to know yourself deeply.

Clients/patients are referred by their GP or by self-referral.

We begin when you’re ready and not before.

I look forward to helping you.


Nutrition and psychological support for a range of conditions

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