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I offer services to help with disordered eating, body image, anxiety, depression and those vague “why am I not ok?” sort of issues. Have a wander around and get a feel for my work and if I’m the right person to help you.

When nutrition science and psychological therapies come together, we gain insight on behaviour, thoughts and most importantly, all the feels.

Intuitive Eating Counselling

Make peace with food and the body, for good.


Attune to your body’s needs, make peace with body image and cultivate a robust inner best friend. Life before diets.

Individual Nutrition

Trusted support in for all stages of life - maternity, IBS & older people.


Support for all stages of life, eating well in sickness and health, delivered in plain language and rooted in evidence.


Help with relationships, emotions & thoughts

Psychodynamic & Schema based therapy

‘Life is lived forwards, but understood backwards’. Therapy is understanding and accepting yourself, in order to live more fully.

Disordered Eating Counselling

Gentle, integrated, holistic and unique therapy.


Integrated nutrition and psychological therapy in one. A radical approach to disordered eating recovery.

Meet Simone

Simone Harding
Simone HardingANutr, MBACP, Intuitive Eating Counsellor
I’m Simone. I’m an Intuitive Eating Counsellor, Registered Associate Nutritionist and registered MBACP counsellor. I specialise in helping people with disordered eating, anxiety and depression, gut related issues including IBS and other more general issues related to wellbeing and relationships.

I offer online nutrition counselling and therapy from an intersectional feminist perspective. That means that I don’t assume any ‘problems’ you experience originate from within you exclusively and I am non-diagnostic. Instead we collaborate on what relational, social, contextual factors or inequalities, might be interacting with personal factors to create the experience you’re having. This is sometimes referred to as a ‘trauma informed’ approach. This approach is particularly useful when it comes to understanding disordered eating, where gendered body image ideals and ‘diet culture’ are signifiant social, historical and political influences on our embodied experiences.

I’m a professional and I have lived experience of an eating disorder. That’s not unusual, particularly as they’re very common and people also tend to choose careers that spark personal interest.

This is radical, holistic, intersectional and psychologically informed therapy, and evidence-based nutrition. I’m really glad you found me.

More about me


Because our being is shaped by systems upon systems, carving our path with every gentle nudge. We need to step back and look at the big picture.

Core Values

Core values are what keep us on a true course, like a lighthouse. Like a small boat, bobbing about on the waves, when things get rough, we look to the stars. When it’s cloudy, we look for the lighthouse. Everyone has core values at the heart of their work: these are mine.

What’s it like to work with me?

“I came to Simone to work on my relationship with food, but quickly realised that the root of the problem was buried much deeper. Simone is incredibly kind, validating and empathic. Her use of therapy has really helped me to understand myself, and my relationships, better – and their impact on my coping behaviours, like eating. I value our therapist/client relationship greatly, and would strongly recommend her if you have a difficult relationship with food.”
She/her, UK

“Choosing a therapist is a big decision and I’m so glad I chose to work with Simone. Over our work together on Intuitive Eating counselling, Simone helped me to consider new perspectives, appreciate myself for who I am and gently let go of troubling past issues and behaviours. I felt supported, cared for and encouraged throughout my therapy and I now have a much more peaceful and compassionate relationship with food and most importantly, with myself.”

Dr C

“I thought I needed nutrition and IE counselling. Turns out, I needed so much more. From nutrition, IE, to attachment issues, trauma topics, the complexity of emotions, sexuality, weight stigma, specific social and cultural context, Simone could cover it all – all while leaving me feel understood, secure, sane and SAFE. She sees and understands the “bigger picture and wider context” and a lot of the nuances that play a role in our coping mechanisms. It’s really hard to put in a few words what it’s like to have Simone as a therapist… It’s amazing and I’m truly grateful for this opportunity. I am where I never thought it would be possible to be at.”

She/her, Croatia

“I think it’s fair to say that Simone has changed my life significantly. I always found her astute, empathetic and supportive, all underpinned by an obvious in-depth knowledge of her field. In the six sessions I went from feeling hopeless to having a renewed sense of self-worth which has stayed with me throughout the subsequent months. I have recommended her to friends and family members and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone else.”

Moose, UK

“When I first came to Simone, my focus was to gain control of my weight. I didn’t like myself and I believed that was because I was fat. But through my sessions, I realised, it wasn’t my weight defining my happiness, it was my unhappiness leading to my abuse of food and alcohol. The journey was far more complex that I’d imagined and entwined with what felt like the saddest little girl. Simone provided a safe and supportive space for me to hold that little girls hand and empowered me to help her grow into an adult who no longer dislikes herself. Working with Simone was the best decision I’ve ever made.”

Carolyn, UK

Working with Simone for several months was exactly the therapy I have needed for the past decade. She helped me to make sense of how I got to be where I am in life and made me see my current health situation very differently. By understanding how traumatic life events had shaped my mental and physical health and the ways I had been taught to deal with stress, I am now able to better manage my well being. In just a few months I went from disordered eating to practicing intuitive eating without restriction. I have so much more freedom and joy in my life now and so many new tools to manage my emotional and physical state. Simone is both compassionate and honest. I really appreciated this approach because I think the latter had been missing for me. Sometimes it felt hard to truly see my patterns and vulnerabilities but it was needed in order for me to take back control of my own mind and choices. The best therapy out there. Thank you millions! 

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