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I offer nutritional counselling, Intuitive Eating and psychological support in person or online. My approach is systemic and integrative. 

I work primarily with nutrition and mental health, food relationships and body image. My specialism is in helping people gently understand nutrition science and how this is relevant to real life, how we come to use food as a way of coping with difficulties and  importantly, how to have a peaceful relationship with food and your body. 

I offer specialised counselling for eating disorders of all diagnoses, self-diagnosed or otherwise at all body-weights.

Working with me, you can explore:

Quit dieting

Understand the harm of diets and weight-cycling, why it’s almost impossible to sustain weight loss and learn how to eat with fear or overthinking. 

Mental and gut health

Understand the role of nutrition and the brain, the gut and serotonin and what this means for anxiety and depression. Learn how to relax around food and let go of the anxiety of bingeing, purging or other negative food/eating behaviours. Learn to trust your body. Take the helm.

Move for the love

Enjoy exercise for the process not the end result and understand when it’s of real use or when to just be still.

Respect your body

Learn how to neutralise negative thoughts about your body. Release yourself from the constant striving for a different body without giving up health or wellbeing.

Debunk health myths 

Veganism, keto, paleo, anti-aging calorie restriction, low-carb, time-restricted feeding, IF, carnivore, flexitarian, autophagy inducing feeding, non-gluten sensitivity, lactose intolerance, low histamine, alkalinising diet  – seriously? Let me help with that. I’ll share what has evidence and what is total BS.

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Over 90% of diets result in weight regain within 5 years, often more than pre-diet weight


Around 70% of young women engage in disordered eating like restricting and bingeing to control their weight through pressure to be thinner


Fewer than 5% of the population can ever achieve the ‘thin ideal’ sold to us by the media


By 12, over half of all children growing up have dieted, and have body image concerns about being fat. Peddling diets that don’t actually work is unethical and contributes to weight stigma. Diets assume body weight is the main metric of health/success without attending to underlying mechanisms or complexity – lazy science and not effective in improving quality of life.


Since working with you I realised how much of my coping was tied up in food and comfort eating. I’ve found other ways to feel ok now, my anxiety is not in control of me, and my body feels more like home. Life changing! – G – Surrey UK


I wish I’d found you years ago! All that wasted time going round in circles, exercising till I was exhausted and still not happy with my body! Now finally I’m able to enjoy food guilt free without having to run off the calories. I sleep better and I know what to do with those diet books… – N – Edinburgh Scotland


Simone helped me after I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease.She helped me understand how to listen to my body and not fight it. She also saved me hundreds on supplements I didn’t need. – L – Devon UK


There’s not many counsellors who have your knowledge of nutrition science, who really understand what an eating disorder feels like. You understand what I’m dealing with more than anyone I’ve had treatment from in 20 years. – A – Zurich Switzerland


What can I help you with?

Intuitive Eating Program

An evidence-based, revolutionary, weight-neutral, three month program to help you learn to understand and practice the principles of sustainable mind-body health. You can stop dieting, without fear. 

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Personalised Nutrition

In person and online sessions of personalised nutrition, where you can find help for many issues around food and eating, including IBS, concerns about inflammation, food hypersensitivity and more.

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Eating disorder counselling or counselling for other reasons is available online or in person. Benefit from psychological and/or nutritional support in one place, and ongoing support with a dedicated app for food based issues.

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Online support

I accept English speaking clients in any country, and offer virtual sessions via Skype or another secure platform. Sessions are arranged flexibly to meet your needs and are supported by email contact, resources like activities sheets and an app. It can feel strange at first if you’re new to online talking therapy, but we’ll quickly establish rapport, just like I’m with you, in your room.


In person support is available in Barnstaple, North Devon, UK. Appointments to be made online via the booking system or by email.

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Meet Simone

I am an Associate Nutritionist (ANutr MSc) Intuitive Eating counsellor and trainee counselling psychologist (PhD).

My specialism is eating disorder treatment particularly binge eating, and bulimia nervosa. I also work with people who are diagnosed with anorexia nervosa past the acute phase of treatment. I help people who chronically diet, break the cycle without fear of weight gain, and I help people who struggle with body image, mental health, type two diabetes, nutrition during and after cancer treatment and also generalised nutritional counselling concerns.

I work with clients in person or via Skype, and offer single sessions or longer programs, depending on your needs and circumstances. My work is highly specialised and uniquely combines nutrition science, psychology and counselling to offer a service that puts your needs at the centre of the work.

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