Are you ready to stop obsessing about food and your body, start understanding yourself better and find recovery from disordered eating? Well, you’re in the right place.

I offer an integrative approach to issues with food and eating that is anti-diet, body inclusive and helps you really make sense of what’s going on, so that you can begin to make more space for the things that really matter in life. You’ll be able to understand the origins of unhelpful relationships with food and your body and how these are sustained both by you and the world around us.

As a Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor, Registered Associate Nutritionist and psychological therapist, I can help you unpack the complicated dynamics of your disordered eating. I can help you attune to your hunger and fullness again despite fear, make sense of triggers to relapse and forge a path toward recovery that is truly comprehensive and holistic. I integrate my training as a yoga teacher or personal trainer too, to help you find peaceful movement and joy in physical activity again.

Together we’ll build a clear picture of how you got here and how to move on. I’l support you in making peace with food, gentle nutrition principles and understanding how to protect yourself against relapses in the future.

Side note: I cannot work with anyone who is in an active phase of  an eating disorder, i.e. purging weekly, very low BMI, or receiving inpatient or outpatient care from another professional. 


My commitment to my clients is to centre their experiences and reflect on the lens I look through as a white, cisgender and ‘normal’ bodied person. As a researcher I explore gender, body image and eating disorders and I believe there is no ‘right’ way of approaching this except to know that it is complex, sensitive work situated in a culture that narrates bodies and food as ‘good’ or ‘bad’, and within hierarchies that incorporate gender, weight, age, colour, sexuality and ability.

A culture that narrates food and body as moral entities, is a perfect platform for disordered eating to thrive. My work with you might explore how this has affected personally – if it has you’re not alone. Diet culture and narratives of power that are implicit in food and body affect us all in different ways, depending on our background, temperament and many other factors.

My values as a therapist in this are clear:

  • I’ll never promote restrictive diet
  • I’ll always look to evidence and practice to guide my work with you
  • I’ll use plain language to explain things
  • I’ll seek to cultivate a safe and inclusive space for every client and welcome feedback to make my practice better

Empty plates


We’ll meet up over Zoom or another video platform and in these sessions we’ll make sense of the problem in a way that feels tangible and simple. I’ll draw from a number of different modalities to create picture of the problem that we agree on. Once we’ve come to a a consensus on ‘what’s going on’ we can then dive a bit more deeply into what sustains the problems with eating, whether it’s metabolic driver (under-eating, psychological restriction) or emotional/relational (self-beliefs and relationships) or internalised diet culture values. This is the part of therapy that can take a while because it’s revelatory when we start to uncover what keeps unhelpful behaviours in place. Epiphany moments are common.

Next we begin the hard work of making changes. Fundamentally we move towards a place that feels right for you, what ever stage of recovery you’re at. Recovery is a journey we take together and I totally believe that it is 100% possible to recover fully from eating disorders.  Everyone deserves the opportunity to live a life free from the tyranny of food obsession!