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We do not have to compromise on compassion in the name of science. We can do both.

 I am an unpicker of threads, an analyst of narratives and story writer for the author who has lost the plot. I am a hand to hold in a dark forrest, a beacon atop a lighthouse in a dark storm.

Sometimes it is me who is in the storm, or is the storm and I too am lost. But that’s ok. It took me a while to learn that.

Meet your therapist

This is my happy inner child. This is where I am spontaneous, joyful, vulnerable, silly, safe, hopeful and loving.

They (whoever they are) say healers are groomed in the family. I always wanted to be a therapist from an early age because I felt confused by humans, but also because it sounded impressive and like a really wholesome thing to want to do. I didn’t actually intend to be a therapist but because I was looking for a way to make life less weird for myself, it just sort of, happened and I really like ‘solving’ problems. Turns out, I’m really good at it and some problems I thought were problems, weren’t actually, problems.

I don’t know how useful it is to know anything about me. Some people like to get a sense of where I’m coming from. I like complexity, feel happy in the in-betweens, the sayer of the unsaid, a contradictory human that likes moving, dancing, sleeping and learning. I am a good connector.

Who are you?

Simone Harding
Simone Harding
Lifelong lover of waistcoats

What I do

I’m a Registered Associate Nutritionist (ANutr) with the Association for Nutrition, Intuitive Eating Counsellor and counselling psychologist in training. My background is yoga therapy, sports therapy and personal training. My specialism involves research and practice around disordered eating, body image and critical nutrition practice and I provide evidence-based nutrition advice and psychological support for a range of issues.

What to expect

Set up a discovery call so we can have a chat prior to you booking. The most important aspect of working together is that you feel comfortable with me and that you feel I am the right therapist for you. Most of my clients work with me for longer than 8 weeks so you need to feel confident that I am going to help you get what you need.

I work with you virtually through video call.  Depending on the reasons that bring you to me, it might mean we work together on nutrition, counselling or both. My niche is my dual qualification in nutrition and psychology that means you can talk to me about nutrition related matters and psychology in the same session and you don’t need two separate therapists. We’ll figure out together how to  make sense of problems and simplify what might be long standing issues. We’ll connect past events with present experiences so that you can understand how and why unhelpful patterns keep repeating and eventually break free from them.

The work generally speaking, takes longer than a few weeks. This is not a short term fix, but a life changing therapeutic process of change. You’ll find you begin to know yourself more deeply as we progress and in ways you didn’t think were possible.

Caveats are that I cannot work with you if you are in an acute phase of anorexia nervosa and are seriously underweight.  I may be able to recommend someone more suitable so please, get in touch if you need help but don’t know where to go.

You can call me for a quick chat to discuss your needs by following this link


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Helping you break free from old patterns or ways of thinking and feeling about yourself and the world.

I offer services to help with disordered eating, dietary analysis and health assessment using research grade software, support for mental health issues such as depression and anxiety and also intuitive eating counselling. I’ve lived experience of eating disorders and whilst this doesn’t make me an expert on you, it can offer an insight into the challenges.

Who are you? 

You might be someone diagnosed with an eating disorder, who has had therapy before but still feels stuck. You might never have had therapy before, in which case you’ll be feeling probably quite nervous. If you’ve had therapy before, you might be quite jaded.

You might have anxiety or depression and a sense of feeling a bit unsettled or flat about life. You might struggle with sleep, confidence or feeling like you don’t like yourself very much.

You might have dieted on/off for a long time and don’t know how to not diet. You might struggle with constantly ‘eating healthily’ but find that you never feel that your body responds in the ‘right’ way.

You might eat your feelings.

You might find you work/study a lot or strive non-stop to do your best, have incredibly high standards, perfectionism even, but you don’t find time to feel contentment or peace. It’s never enough and you still don’t feel like you’re ‘enough’.

You might know what to do intellectually, but struggle to connect with making actionable changes to your life. You feel like you sabotage things and can’t understand why.

You might have gut issues, auto-immune conditions related to stress or general poor physical wellbeing that you can’t solve and struggle with fatigue, pain and health anxiety.

A space to heal

Counselling is not just a place to be heard. It’s a place you can make sense of how the physical body interacts with the emotional. To find out that you might have missed out on something and experience it. To have your feelings validated and embody what that feels like. To make sense of past events, how it effects the present and break free of unhelpful ways of being.

Therapy is different for everyone. Some clients benefit from psycho-education and nutritional guidance whereas others find healing and clarity from experiential sessions. We can talk about the way forward together.

Professional bodies and qualifications 

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