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Hi there.

I’m a dual-qualified therapist with academic qualifications in nutrition science and psychology. I am skilled about helping people find their way out of the fog of managing common health conditions, like disordered eating, gut issues, anxiety and depression. I am a Registered Associate Nutritionist (ANutr), Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor, British Wheel of Yoga qualified yoga teacher and Level 4 sports therapist. I’m also a PhD candidate and trainee counselling psychologist working in the NHS within adult psychology and psychological therapies.

My specialism is in gastroenteropsychology, which is a long, important sounding made-up word to describe the integration of psychology and nutrition science in the field of understanding and treating gastrointestinal problems and eating disorders. I have spent my adult life studying in order to professionally integrate nutrition and psychology, mostly because I got pissed off with the pseudoscience of the ‘wellness’ industry and wanted to argue for science, intelligently. Besides, behavioural/nutrition science that misses the complexity of the human condition is only true for the lab.

I believe that the integration of counselling and psychology into the management of certain conditions offers the conditions for exploring that complexity. It can be life-changing. I experience this in the work I do with my clients and the feedback I receive. I’m not quite a unicorn but a registered nutritionist or dietitian also qualified in counselling are rare. I am skilled at what I do and committed to offering practice-based evidence and compassionate care.

My practice is underpinned by the phrase ‘the relationship is the therapy’ and the belief that when people feel heard and held, they can often find the answers for themselves. Outside of that relational approach I also draw upon the most contemporary empirical science and practice-based evidence.

I wear two hats: therapist and nutritionist. The two are not mutually exclusive and in that I suppose they may actually be one hat with a lot of fruit on it. If you need me for mental health support, where appropriate we may talk about nutrition, movement and meditation. If you need me for nutrition consultation, I may talk to you about how you honour your boundaries and meet your needs. The combination of those skills make for a truly holistic approach to wellbeing. Next level.

I really love plants.

You can call me for a quick chat to discuss your needs.

Well done for finding me.

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