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I’m a nutritionist and a counsellor, which means I help you understand about the science of nutrition, metabolism, and health, but also I help with you with the underlying reasons for food, eating and body image issues. I help you by integrating nutrition science and counselling, mindfulness, Intuitive Eating, CBT and also narrative work. It means that my clients can explore many perspectives on their issues without having to bounce from therapist to therapist. 

My applied nutrition science is evidence -based, so you can trust that there is no crazy pseudoscience, no restrictive eating plans and no expensive supplements I will be peddling. I work from the evidence that most of our nutrients should come from food, and unless medically indicated we do not need to take supplements to be healthy. Together we will explore your beliefs about health and food, for health conditions, living with cancer or gut health and I’ll help you makes sense of it all. 

My approach is about getting you to a place where you can feel at home in your body, know yourself, develop body trust, and eat without having to overthink every aspect of your diet. I’ll help you understand how physical activity interacts with diet, sleep, stress and I’ll release you from dieting hell. Just imagine never having to feel hungry and restricted again, and giving up food guilt! 

My work background is in sports therapy, exercise physiology, yoga and teaching. Take a look at my qualifications for information on my formal education.

My academic research specialism is body image and different ways to eat. This is particularly relevant to eating disorders and concerns about the way you feel about your body, weight, shape and function. My research came from a personal interest in body image, as I spent much of my adolescence and early adulthood feeling horrendous about myself. This led me down a rabbit hole of bodybuilding, dieting and years of anorexia-bulimia subtype. I also experienced debilitating OCD as a teenager, and live with anxiety – all risk factors for developing an eating disorder. 

My lived experience of an eating disorder and mental health illness doesn’t make me an expert on your experience, but it does offer me a unique insight into what it means to have an eating disorder and ‘difficult’ relationship with the body. I don’t come to this work as an ‘expert’ who has everything ‘sorted’ but as a fellow human who has learned enough to be a guide. I talk with you, hold a safe space for you and gently guide you towards a place where you can begin to heal yourself armed with some pretty neat strategies.  

I’m so glad you’re here.


  • I am committed to evidence-based nutrition – no pseudoscience
  • I respect and welcome all dietary preferences from vegan to keto
  • No dieting and a HAES® body inclusive approach for all body sizes
  • I am one of the few dual qualified nutrition/counsellors and I am also a PhD counselling psychology candidate
  • I have experience of working in a clinical role in hospital
  • I give advice specifically for you, no generalisations
  • I can work alongside a medical care team to ensure everyone is collaborating for you
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