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An evidence-based approach for treating disordered eating, chronic dieting and body image issues


Constantly on/off a diet?

Swinging between hunger and guilt from eating too much?

Chronic fatigue, brain fog and poor sleep?

Unexplained gut issues, suspected IBS or food intolerances?

Fearing food or social events, worried that you’ll overeat and have to deal with regret?

Do you worry about putting on weight or avoid socialising because of body image?

Do you constantly think about food, plan your meals but can’t stick to it?

Do you avoid physical activity or feel compelled to exercise to earn your food?

It is possible to live in peace with food and your body, in a way that supports health, wellbeing and a sustainable lifestyle.

With personalised nutrition counselling and Intuitive Eating you can begin to live a life free of negative thoughts around food and your body. 

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What’s Included?


We’ll explore your relationship with food and body image, your diet history, eating patterns, health habits and anything else you want to share. I’ll do a full assessment and gather all the information I need to develop your personalised nutrition package


In this session I’ll share your personalised nutrition plan developed from the information in our first session. I’ll set out everything you need to begin and ensure you feel confident with every detail. You’ll get resources tailored specifically for your needs, that allow you to begin your journey toward gut health, freedom from disordered thinking about food and eating, and body trust


Our follow-ups will be focused and include tasks, discussion, coaching and counselling strategies. You’ll celebrate successes and navigate your way around challenges to help you continue to make progress and feel supported throughout.


I am available for you in between sessions, for questions, concerns, worries or just a gentle nudge


A copy of Intuitive Eating: A Revolutionary Program That Works is delivered to your doorstep


After each session I’ll send you a recap with guidance, tasks, worksheets or exercises to promote change and support your needs. You can also share an interactive journal with me, for reflection and feedback


As an Intuitive Eating Program client you’ll be given access to a client portal that supports your journey in ditching dieting and discovering how to eat intuitively again. The app is secure and helps you track your progress and gain real time feedback to help you feel really supported.

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Intuitive Eating Counselling FAQ

Can I book a single session? 2019-04-28T19:15:17+00:00

Existing clients are invited to book individual sessions, whereas new clients must book the Intuitive Eating Program.

It might feel unfair and expensive, but Intuitive Eating is about changing the way you think and feel about some fairly hardcore concepts: body, health, identity all play into the program. A change in world view, adaptive eating and self-care habits are not achieved in 60 minutes, and so for Intuitive Eating to have a good crack at ‘working’ you must commit.

If I offered a service for Intuitive Eating that was piecemeal in application, it is entirely possible that when clients hit uncomfortable moments in the process, they’d backtrack and return to old, familiar but unhelpful habits, because that’s easy and safe. However, when we feel discomfort that’s where the growth happens! If you’ve committed to see me for a number of sessions, we have a good chance of navigating the discomfort together and finding a new ‘comfortable’.

If you’ve any questions about how this works, make a booking for a discovery call and I can help you.

What is Intuitive Eating? 2018-08-31T20:03:53+00:00

Intuitive Eating is an approach to food and eating that is everything a diet is not. It taps into innate biological cues of hunger and fullness and intends to undo the damage caused by diet culture, dieting, negative body image and weight stigma. The physiological and psychological damage of dieting is repaired along with other concerns about body image and nutrition beliefs.

The Intuitive Eating framework has 10 principles that challenge negative internal and external thoughts and feelings about food and eating, and support a more interoceptive, positive approach to nourishing yourself.

I don’t live in the UK, can I still work with you? 2019-04-23T10:48:14+00:00

Yes. I accept distance clients for Intuitive Eating and online sessions are arranged over Skype. Contact me for a discovery call.

How much is it? 2019-04-28T19:20:46+00:00

Fees vary depending on whether you are a returning client or new. My fees for existing clients are on the bookings page

The Intuitive Eating Program for three months is £590

I aim to be transparent about pricing, and I don’t offer a sliding scale but I do keep some time available for those who do need help financially and I accept monthly instalments.

Contact me to discuss further.

How long does it take? 2019-04-28T18:05:04+00:00

Intuitive Eating is sometimes difficult in the beginning and then gets much easier as time goes on. Like all new skills it takes practice to rehearse and embed until we attain mastery and our new skills become an automatic response. How long it takes really depends on where you are in your journey. If you’ve had a long history of disordered eating it might take some time, and many months perhaps years of ongoing or intermittent support to maintain a healthy, relatively positive relationship with food, eating and your body. 

If you’re already someway on the road to intuitive eating but need a little guidance to really get you there, it might mean one Intuitive Eating Program and in three months you find you have all the skills you need.

I ask that people sign up to a program to show their commitment and also develop a strong therapeutic relationship with me and my approach. If my clients sign up for single sessions, when we hit a bump in the road, it is too easy to backtrack and abandon the plan. But when we feel discomfort, these are signs of growth, personal development and progress. Signing up to a program support this process and provides an opportunity for me to get you over those bumps.


It is an investment but one that means freedom from negative relationships with food and eating, freedom from dieting and restriction and freedom from body hate. These things are invaluable.

If I eat intuitively won’t I lose control? 2019-04-29T13:20:55+00:00

Yes, maybe for a short time, but this is a side effect of chronic dieting and not eating intuitively. If you’ve been restricting foods for some time, psychologically and possibly even physiologically, you are deprived. It’s human nature to want what we can’t have, and difficult to stop thinking about the white elephant, even if I tell you now, “don’t think about a white elephant”. So now don’t think of [insert banned foods] and all you can do is think of the foods you’ve been denying yourself for however long! In psychology this is sometimes known as “deprivation motivation”. 

This feeling of being out of control is sometimes part of the process, until you realise a new ‘normal’ and habituate to the foods that you’ve feared or denied. Once you give yourself unconditional permission to eat what you want, you’ll find those out of control feelings and anxieties around food subside and your fear of loss of control subsides too.  

Once you let go of the idea that you can micromanage your body and health through dietary restriction, you can learn new ways to feel good, gain mastery in body trust, attune to the softer, interoceptive cues your body is offering, and develop  a deeper understanding into your own health and wellbeing.

Will I lose weight by eating intuitively? 2019-04-29T20:56:53+00:00

Maybe, maybe not. Intuitive Eating is not a diet and does not use scale weight as a measure of health, wellbeing or success.

The outcome of Intuitive Eating is that you find a point where your relationship with food is more zen than white knuckle. You find a way to eat that honours your body’s needs based on internal, not external cues, and in this the evidence shows that with Intuitive Eating there is improved blood sugar stability,  reduced weight cycling,  improved dietary quality, improved body image, improved mental health, higher self compassion and increased engagement in physical activity for enjoyment. There is emerging research on cardiovascular risk and waist circumference that also shows promise.

Extensive research tells us that the majority of diets don’t lead to sustained weight loss, but to weight gain. We also know that the biggest modifiable risk factor leading to disordered eating is negative body image and dieting behaviours. 

A good way to ask yourself if you need to learn to eat Intuitively is to reflect on how much of your life you’ve enjoyed without it depending on weight loss, successful dieting and how much of your life you’ve given to trying to get a body you think is “ideal’.

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