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Non-diet approach

Bespoke advice



Is any of this familiar?

Are you constantly on/off a diet?

Obsessed with food?

Suffer from fatigue, brain fog and poor sleep?

Have unexplained gut issues, IBS or food intolerances?

Do you fear food and avoid or miss out on social events involving food?

Avoid socialising because of body image?

Make and break meal plans?

Scared of bingeing?


Empty plates
You’ve tried restriction. Now it’s time to do things differently. It can be scary, but that’s what we’re here for – support.
Hunger is complicated, especially if you’ve spent years perfecting the art of ignoring it. Let me help you make sense of it and learn to trust it.
Food is not the enemy. Your body is not a problem. Outside of intolerances, allergies and genetic preferences for taste, how we relate to food determines is everything.
What has been said to you about eating and the body? What is your internal narrative when you come to eat? Learn to notice what shapes your beliefs and learn to choose whether to accept it, or not.
Learn to interpret fullness so that you give your gut-brain axis a decent opportunity for balance.
Food is more than molecules. It is cultural, social, sexy, ritualistic and means something. Learning how to tap into that pleasure without fear is a simple, joyful  act of self-love.
Whether you don’t eat or eat too much, managing your emotions with food is common. Know it for what it is and then learn to develop additional ways of soothing yourself.
Your body is not an apology. You may not ‘love’ your body, but you can learn to respect it and feel safe in it.
What actually makes a difference to health? Tap into how you really like to move and strip the BS from the fitness industry.
A broad understanding of some of the myths vs evidence of nutrition science can scaffold a flexible approach to eating.



Ten 50 minute appointments spread over a minimum of 3 months. Initially the appointments are weekly but the idea is that as you develop mastery of the principles they space further apart to offer the opportunity for autonomy and independence. During our work we agree on goals and tasks to keep the work focused. We work together to solve problems around food, relating to the body and emotional wellbeing.


During the appointments we find out out why you’re stuck. We figure out the root ‘problem’. However, between the appointments you still need support and encouragement to be present, prioritise and practice! Specific tasks developed and written by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch (the original Intuitive Eating professionals) are shared with you. These tasks are specific to where you are in the program and your specific issues or barriers. Some bespoke tasks developed and written by me may also be appropriate.


You’ll receive a copy of the original book Intuitive Eating – A Revolutionary Program That Works by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch to your door, to accompany you on the program. *International clients may need to order the book from their home country depending on provision.


The program is based on many years of practice based evidence and academic research. I deliver it as a dual-qualified registered associate nutritionist (ANutr) and counselling professional, with 20 years of experience working therapeutically with people who are looking for change. I integrate my knowledge of psychology and nutrition science with practical skills like mindfulness, to provide a tangible, realistic and achievable program that makes a difference to every aspect of your life. Clients who work with me, enjoy my humour, straightforward delivery and the compassionate, reflective space I create.

There is freedom from the cycle of dieting and bingeing. A revolutionary program that works to make peace with food and your body – for good.

Just imagine a life free of dieting or bingeing – it’s here waiting for you.


Can I book a single session?2020-04-02T23:14:46+00:00

Yes of course! However, a single session is not going to achieve the kind of lasting change the entire program offers.

The Intuitive Eating Program is designed for clients who are ready to invest in something that elicits long term change. Knowing if you’re ready, if I’m the right therapist, if it’s the right program for you is all hanging in the uncertainty. The discovery call is there to help you decide!

If you’ve any questions about how this works, make a booking for a discovery call and I can help you.

What is Intuitive Eating?2018-08-31T20:03:53+00:00

Intuitive Eating is an approach to food and eating that is everything a diet is not. It taps into innate biological cues of hunger and fullness and intends to undo the damage caused by diet culture, dieting, negative body image and weight stigma. The physiological and psychological damage of dieting is repaired along with other concerns about body image and nutrition beliefs.

The Intuitive Eating framework has 10 principles that challenge negative internal and external thoughts and feelings about food and eating, and support a more interoceptive, positive approach to nourishing yourself.

I don’t live in the UK, can I still work with you?2020-04-02T23:16:38+00:00

Yes. The majority of my work is online with UK and international distance clients. Intuitive Eating online sessions are arranged over Skype/FaceTime/Zoom/Google Hangouts. Contact me for a discovery call.

How much is it?2020-08-27T17:27:11+00:00

My fees are on the bookings page

Contact me to discuss further.

How long does it take?2020-04-02T23:33:14+00:00

Like all new skills it takes practice to rehearse and embed until we attain mastery and our new skills become an automatic response. How long it takes really depends on where you are in your journey. If you’ve had a long history of disordered eating it might take some time, and many months perhaps years of ongoing or intermittent support to maintain a healthy, relatively positive relationship with food, eating and your body. 

If you’re already someway on the road to intuitive eating but need a little guidance to really get you there, it might mean one Intuitive Eating Program and in three months you find you have all the skills you need.

If you’ve done the Intuitive Eating Program and feel that you need to extend the support, we can discuss it and decide together what that might look like. There are options to pay for bundles of individual appointments to extend by one, four, eight or twelve sessions without having to pay for another full program.

If I eat intuitively won’t I lose control?2020-04-02T23:25:00+00:00

There is a common misconception that Intuitive Eating is a hedonistic journey into the larder. It is not. Research shows that Intuitive Eating actually improves insulin response, blood pressure, blood glucose, general wellbeing and allows bodyweight to settle without yoyoing. Imagine being able to eat what you need without having to second guess it. It is possible. 

This feeling of being out of control with food is a direct consequence of a restrictive mindset. Getting out of this is not easy and takes some strategy. It takes an understanding of the psychology and some of the metabolic and physiological processes that determine appetite to realise you cannot outsmart biology without paying the price. 

Once you let go of the idea that you can or need to micromanage your body and health, you can learn to develop body trust, attune to the softer, interoceptive cues your body is offering, and develop  a deeper understanding into your own health and wellbeing. It is next level self-care.

Will I lose weight by eating intuitively?2020-04-03T15:32:37+00:00

Maybe, maybe not. Intuitive Eating is not a diet and does not use scale weight as a measure of health, wellbeing or success.

The outcome of Intuitive Eating is that you find a place where your relationship with food is edging toward harmonious. You find a way to eat that honours your body’s needs based on internal, not external cues, and in this the evidence shows that with Intuitive Eating there is improved blood sugar stability,  reduced weight cycling,  improved dietary quality, improved body image, improved mental health, higher self compassion and increased engagement in physical activity for enjoyment. There is emerging research on cardiovascular risk and waist circumference that also shows promise.

Extensive research tells us that the majority of diets don’t lead to sustained weight loss, but to weight gain. We also know that the biggest modifiable risk factor leading to disordered eating is negative body image and dieting behaviours. 

A good way to ask yourself if you need to learn to eat intuitively is to reflect on how much of your life you’ve enjoyed without it depending on weight loss, successful dieting and how much of your life you’ve spent trying to get a body you think is “ideal’. If you realise that much of your life has been devoted to micromanaging your body, don’t you think it’s time for a change?